My paintings are a mirror of myself, a visual representation in colour of my experiences and how I see the world. I hope that you will be able to find in them something that resonates and reflects a memory in your own life’s journey. 
My paintings are valuable to me but they are also transient just as my life is. I don’t expect my work to outlive me, but I would like people to enjoy it while I am here.


I attended Eastbourne College of Art when I was young but then life took me away to the North Sea and the diving industry for 35 years.
When the North Sea decided it had no more use for me, I took up painting again, deciding at first to paint  life in the offshore world of the North Sea before it disappeared forever.

I paint people and landscapes although my preference is to paint portraits. I tend to follow the traditional Flemish Style of painting developed in the 14th to 17th Century, where portraits were  painted using a number of transparent layers.

One of the portraits I completed earlier this year was a very exciting commission from  Twiggy  and her husband,  Leigh Lawson. 

Here's  what they wrote:

Dear Pete,

Good to talk to you last week and reiterate how very much we admire and enjoy your work. When first viewing your paintings the composition, colour palette and ability to capture that particular moment in time was immediately captivating, and impressed us enormously.

We would also like to say thank you so much from us both for the lovely painting you did of us. We will hang it in our home and happily recommend your work to all who admire it.

Kindest regards and thanks from us both,

Twiggy & Leigh Lawson

Other useful stuff:

 I have been short-listed  for the following exhibitions:

The Royal Society of Oil Painters

The Columbia Threadneedle Prize
The New English Art Club
The Royal Society of Portrait Painters

The Royal Society of British Artists

Places my work has appeared:
The Artists & Illustrators Magazine

The South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts
Sticks Art Gallery,

The Risborough Gallery, Buckinghamshire
The Aberdeen Arts Fair
The Secret Gallery, Newent, Gloucestershire
The Fosseway Arts Exhibition, Painswick.