Jamie Wilson - Captain, North Sea

This is a picture of Jamie Wilson, the Captain of the North Sea inspection vessel, the Deep Vision.

Jamie started his seagoing career in 1998 working for James Fisher Tank ships. In 2002 he moved over to offshore supply vessels then to survey and construction vessels. He was promoted to Captain in 2013 at the age of 31.

I originally intended painting Jamie's picture in the style of Vermeer's Geographer for which Jamie kindly produced the Merchant Navy Red Ensign and the dividers.

The painting went through many changes; I think Jamie's shirt was painted at least 15 times before I was satisfied. Although I originally intended this to be a daytime scene, it was later darkened with a series of brown glazes to create drama and focus attention more on Jamie.

The oil rig and the sea were painted many times in different shapes and forms before I was happy with them.

The end result reminds me of the paintings of Eric Ravilious who just so happens to have attended Eastbourne College of Art as did I.